Hand Embroidered Illustrations

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  • Forrest Green, 269x360mm
  • Burgundy Red, 270x359mm
  • Ruby Red, 370x490mm
  • Shadow Grey, 222x283mm

These drawings are one-off pieces made with hand embroidered colors that makes every piece unique. The drawing process, itself, is a big part of my creative process when making a piece of jewelry, this is where the storytelling begins. It is both meditative, enriching and edifying. When I am drawing something I become absorbed in the process of drawing, and come to know my motive through truly seeing it. 

“Drawings can do amazing things. They can tell stories, educate, inspire, reveal, entertain, and inform. They can describe appearances, offer commentary, convey drama, and relate history. Arrangements of line and mark can speak of things visible, imaginary, and even invisible”


This collection is a selection of unique unwearable pieces that I have made through time in relation to different collaborations and art exhibitions. It has always been a big part of my creative process to spend time on developing my ideas and storytelling through my drawings and other creative and unwearable creations.

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Burgundy Red, Forrest Green, Ruby Red, Shadow Grey

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