Figurehead Chandelier

EUR€ 7.412,00

  • 18ct. Gold plated solid sterling silver
  • Approx 53×23 cm

Handmade. One-off piece. I always had a fascination with the ocean and beach treasures. As a kid, I could walk up and down the beach for hours with my head turned down towards the sand, hoping to find something unique. A beautiful shell, stellet, or a rare fossil. Particularly intrigued by the erosion of a piece. The transformation of a treasure that has been underwater for years. The corals and seagrass slowly taking over the treasure, providing new life under the deep blue sea and forever changing the expression of the piece.

At the center of the undersea tableau is a figurehead who in each of his golden arms carries a good story and a lit candle. The bust is antique. Each of the arms is unique with its own collection of seashells, fish, and flowers – its own collection of life – made in silver and then gilded with 18ct. gold. The seashells adorning the figurehead are some of my favorites, that I have collected on my own adventures through the years.


The inspiration for the figurehead comes from the sea. It comes from the boats, sailing around, embarking on new adventures. The erosion created when something has been underwater for many years. The new life that comes from the sea, the wear and tear, the corals. How something becomes even more beautiful because of the underwater life. The erosion of the material is a story in itself.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

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Care Guide

Care Guide

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