585 Men’s Collection

The 585 men’s collection is a new addition to Rebecca Elbek’s artisanal universe. The name of the collection refers to the blend ratio in 14 carat gold, which means that the total of 1000 parts of alloy is 585 parts gold.

This is the only time Rebecca is working in this specific carat and so the name of the new men’s collection seemed obvious. However, the 585 men’s collection has the same signature style, the same unique level of craftsmanship and attention to the storytelling as all of her other collections – with raw shapes and unpolished surfaces. A DNA that suits the men’s collection as well. The look is masculine with large signet rings and chunky gold chains.

The collection has some of the same symbols from Rebecca Elbek’s previous collections for women. The seashell, the classic anchor and the Galion figure as a guardian angel are all symbols with references to the sea and life underwater which is an ever source of inspiration to Rebecca. The men’s collection consists of 8 pieces including 2 signet rings, 3 pendants/chains and 4 bracelets. All small works of art, which in their highest form contain poetry and storytelling. Just like any other jewellery in Rebecca Elbek’s universe.