“When I started making jewelry I freed myself from the paradigms of a goldsmith, which inspired me to find a style that is my signature and DNA today. All my work is devoted to create and celebrate innovative design, uniqueness, and vibrant visions with the finest materials. Every piece is made with great attention to detail. Central to my philosophy is the individual treatment of all jewels. I give much attention to the storytelling within all the work I create. I dedicate most of my time creating Bespoke pieces, shaped from the early sketching process to the final piece in its finest form, in close collaboration with my customers”

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The Postcards are my personal recommendations, places that I love and enjoy visiting, portraits of creative people that I admire, art and much more that are my sources of inspiration that I really want to share with you. Down below you can discover them all and read more about each one of them.



Rebecca’s showroom and workshop are located in Hellerup, Copenhagen in Denmark. This is where all pieces are handmade, sold and shipped directly from. The showroom is like a big jewelry box full of magical and inspiring pieces and decor. It is in the studio Rebecca creates all fine pieces and have meetings with customers.

For Rebecca, it is very important that her workshop creates the same storytelling and feeling as her jewelry does. The studio creates the framework for Rebeccas Universe and for every piece of jewelry. When a piece leaves the room, it becomes a part of new storytelling, now worn by a new soul.



Rebecca’s work is inspired by bohemian luxury, fairytales, gypsies, wildlife, and underwater treasures. She is fascinated by all the rawness in the world and its beauty. Overall she loves nature and is very inspired by natural creatures, like shells and animals. Read about all the inspiration behind each of the collections below. If you want to explore the archive of Rebecca’s old work please go to archives.

is inspired by the mockumentary “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable,” which chronicles the fictional story behind Damien Hirst’s exhibition in Venice. The pieces of jewelry originate from what is hidden beneath the water surface. The inspiration comes from underwater treasures and marine life such as shipwrecks, underwater ruins, beautiful coral reefs, strange marine animals, and perhaps even sunken treasures. However, it is not only the objects and elements themselves but also the erosion and new life that starts to evolve on all of these being kept underwater for a long time.
Everything that is hidden below the surface of the water is a mystery and a source to create new pieces of art – a new fairy tale.

is inspired by all kinds of tales; the magic-, untold-, secret-, unpredictable- and fantasy tales. The fairytale collection is an encouragement to embrace the fairytale in everyday life. In a world full of rules and dogmas, we all need tiny cracks where the adventure and the fairytale can be found. Every piece of jewelry work in this collection is a little magic tale itself. A unique storytelling. Small flowers, animals, and entangled golden threads create an adventurous universe in this collection. A tribute to embracing life as the fairytale it is.

has a masculine look with raw shapes and unpolished surfaces with large signet rings and chunky chains. The seashell, the classic anchor, and the Galion figure as a guardian angel are all symbols with references to the sea and life underwater. This is an ever source of inspiration to Rebecca. The name of the collection refers to the blend ratio in 14-carat gold, which means that the total of 1000 parts of the alloy is 585 parts gold. This is the only time Rebecca is working in this specific carat and so the name of the masculine collection seemed obvious.

is always available in the portfolio, timeless, simple but unique. The Signature Collection consists of precious letters, signs, and symbols; letters of your loved ones, religious symbols, signs of hope, eternity, and gender – all unique and personal to the one who carries it. The inspiration comes from a shared fascination of what the sea holds of underwater treasures – both those which have always been there, but also those which, have ended up there for reasons beyond our imagination. What is fascinating about both types, is the erosion, corals and sea grass, which slowly take over the treasures – they are given a new life and expression under the deep blue sea.

is inspired by the nomad spirit -a spirit of adventurous femininity uplifted by distant horizons and inspiring encounters. The nomad is in never-ending movement, walking this planet, expanding the horizons and landscapes. The nomad is brave and adventurous transforming themselves to be free from thoughts and judgments. Once Rebecca Elbek started making jewelry she freed herself from all dogmas and the paradigms as a goldsmith – just as a nomad. The Nomad collection is an ode to Nomads – free and confident spirit, the bohemian yet luxurious version of a wanderer on a journey that never ends.

is inspired by the wild; the wild animals and the wild people. It is inspired by the idea of deserting the privileged life and escaping the cultivation. It is a tribute to the wild people, the untamed animals and fauna and creatures that are untouched by human factors.

is a collection inspired by the universe itself; all the things that exist in all of space and time, including planets, stars and galaxies. Each one of the jewelry that I made for this collection tells a little unique story about space.  you will find descriptions about the symbolism of the different opals, diamonds and sapphires. 



Everything at Rebecca Elbek is made with love. All pieces of jewelry are packed in unique handmade matryoshka boxes from Ukraine. The boxes are hand-turned from the same piece of wood and are handpainted. The matryoshka and jewelry go hand in hand and creates a unique and distinctive feeling.


Rebecca’s styling suggestions:

“I really like the look of many rings on one hand. It’s amazing how much it can change the overall look if you have three or more rings on one hand. The same goes for necklaces and earrings. You can start the day with a small anchor ear stud and change it later with some big gold hoops, then your whole look changes – or even better wear both together in the same ear”

The important symbolism behind the jewelry:

“For me, it is not only how to wear the pieces it is also the stories and symbols behind. I use a lot of time creating these little stories and symbols that are very unique and meaningful. Every piece is personal to the one who carries it, not only in the design but also for what they each represent and express”

Rebecca’s favorite pieces:

“I don’t have any specific favorite pieces but these are the ones that I have been wearing the most lately; the Eye Pendant, Letters with Love, Lion Ring, Fine Fish Ring, Nomad Ring, Wild Hoops and not to forget the Sign Earring stud”



In January 2019 Rebecca Elbek and Marie Worsaae created the jewelry brand MA|RE GOLD. With goldsmith Rebecca Elbek’s roots in fine jewelry and Maries Worsaae’s sense of fashion and lifestyle, they have created a playful range of earrings. With a common love for travels, ethnicity and colors the style is unpretentious, yet refined with valuable materials. MA|RE GOLD is a celebration of artisan-ship, playfulness and the beauty of life. MA | RE GOLD is created with a desire to preserve the unique craftsmanship that is intrinsic to the Mexican culture and to offer a color- and playful piece of jewelry with warm 14ct. gold details.



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