This is the selection of the newest pieces that has been created and developed for Rebecca’s collections and universe filled with storytelling. Each piece has its own little fine story and are made in Rebecca’s signature way of working with imperfect shapes and rough looks. 

  • Coral Ring

    EUR€ 2.426,00EUR€ 2.965,00
  • Fairy Earrings

    EUR€ 3.976,00
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  • Fine Scarab Necklace

    EUR€ 5.256,00
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  • Galaxy Pendant

    EUR€ 7.396,00
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  • Nebula Earrings

    EUR€ 10.758,00
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  • The Nova Bracelet

    EUR€ 18.020,00
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  • Tiger Pendant

    EUR€ 3.774,00
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