In my production I am really aware of health and safety for the environment and the people I work with. I continuously seek to improve my impact on a more sustainable development in the jewelry industry. 

My jewelry are crafted from superior quality with great care and attention to every little detail that is added by hand. The jewelry are handmade directly to each customer which means that I don’t have a lot in stock neither overproduce.

I work with few local partners here in Denmark and a good friend of mine in the US. All my workpartners strive to be as ethical and sustainable as they can in this industry.

One of my personal philosophies is to make quality jewelry that will last for generations. 



The diamonds I use are 100% associated with the Kimberly Process & non conflict area. Which means that the diamonds are dug and mined in the most responsible way; a good and sustainable operation.


Most of my gold is 100% recycled gold where non of it comes from a mine. The gold from my local caster in Denmark certify that the raw gold metals from their stock are bio gold and has been refined in the EU. They ensure that no new raw gold is used in the refining process, which takes place within the EU and complies with all EU laws on the environment, working conditions, child labour etc.

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