Spoons des Corales

EUR€ 1.078,00

  • 18ct. Gold plated solid sterling silver
  • 11-13 cm

Handmade. I always had a fascination with the ocean and beach treasures. As a kid, I could walk up and down the beach for hours with my head turned down towards the sand, hoping to find something unique. A beautiful shell, stellet, or a rare fossil. Particularly intrigued by the erosion of a piece. The transformation of a treasure that has been underwater for years. The corals and seagrass slowly taking over the treasure, providing new life under the deep blue sea and forever changing the expression of the piece.


Exhibition / Enter Art Fair. The inspiration comes from a fascination with what the sea holds of underwater treasures – both those which have always been there, but also those which, have ended up there for reasons beyond our imagination. What is fascinating about both types, is the erosion, corals, and seagrass, which slowly take over the treasures – they are given a new life and expression under the deep blue sea. The title refers to one of the largest and most exclusive sunken treasures in the world. The three-masted ship Flor de la Mar sank one November night in 1511 off the coast of Malaysia. The heavily loaded ship was reported to be filled with huge quantities of gold, silver, and gemstones to be sailed back from the East – some of which were gifts from the Kingdom of Siam to the Portuguese regent. But alas, it sank. The shipwreck and its generous riches still lie somewhere on the bottom of the sea. The sunken treasures have eroded for centuries and revived underwater

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Delivery & Returns

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Care Guide

Care Guide

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