Rebecca Elbek is educated from London Guildhall University, Sir John Cash Faculty. After many years of studying and living in London, Rebecca Elbek is now based in Copenhagen. Once Rebecca Elbek started making gold jewelry she freed herself from all dogmas and the paradigms as a goldsmith, which led her to the signature style she has today. Her work is among others inspired by bohemian luxury, fairytales, gypsies, wildlife and underwater treasures.

Rebecca Elbek blends innovative design with the finest materials, and every piece is made with impeccable attention to detail. Central to her philosophy is the individual treatment of all jewels and she gives much attention to the storytelling within all the unique work she makes. Her years of experience making jewelry combined with her expertise in different materials yield unique creations every time. She works with the materials in a way that gives the final piece another dimension.

Rebecca Elbek dedicates much of her time to custom-made pieces, shaped from the early sketching process to the final piece in its finest form, in close collaboration with the client. Her work is artisanal with a high unique level of craftsmanship. The jewelry made by Rebecca is a unique piece of art. It is like a fairy tale from a treasure box of untold and hidden stories.

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