The Bespoke process involves dialogues with Rebecca about the design direction and your jewellery desires and budget. This process is always handled with complete discretion and sensitivity. The design process can take place either at Rebecca Elbek’s Copenhagen studio or at a remote location. Options can include setting a customer’s own stone into an existing Rebecca Elbek design or a completely new design around a specific stone. Symbolism, storytelling and messages can also be added into the final piece.



This ring is made in collaboration with a customer. The ring symbolizes different important aspects of the her life, including her newborn son and the story of the world he is born into. Together we came up with the idea of doing the Aquarius star sign on the ring. We also chose A heart for love, a pink strawberry for his cute little strawberry mark, an eagle feather to symbolize her origin, Mexico. A swan to symbolize the origin of her Husband, Denmark. Lastly, we agreed on doing a Rose to illustrate the country the family lives in, England. Alltogether a very special and personalized piece full of love and life.

The creative journey

The creative journey then begins with Rebecca Elbek translating the client’s wishes into her unique design. Once you have decided on the foundation of your jewellery piece, Rebecca Elbek will keep you updated throughout the process with sketches and pictures, and maybe even with a wax model. If the design meets your approval a quote is given and if you then wishes to proceed a 50% deposit is required before the manufacturing can begin. Pieces can take anything from 4 weeks to 3 months depending on their complexity.

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26 - 29 OF AUGUST 2021


An exhibition by Reflections Copenhagen and Rebecca Elbek. Come join our journey to The Moon and Back at Enter Art Fair 2021. Taking place from the 26th to the 29th of August.

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