The Signature Collection

  • Infinity Sign Pendant

    EUR€ 984,00EUR€ 1.375,00
  • Sign Earring

    EUR€ 1.199,00
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  • Heart Pendant

    EUR€ 1.752,00EUR€ 2.143,00
  • X-Sign Earring

    EUR€ 1.146,00
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  • Boy Sign Earring

    EUR€ 1.446,00
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  • Fatima Pendant

    EUR€ 1.011,00EUR€ 1.402,00
  • Cross Pendant

    EUR€ 1.658,00EUR€ 2.049,00
  • TG Sign Earring

    EUR€ 1.617,00
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26 - 29 OF AUGUST 2021


An exhibition by Reflections Copenhagen and Rebecca Elbek. Come join our journey to The Moon and Back at Enter Art Fair 2021. Taking place from the 26th to the 29th of August.

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