Dazzling Icons Petite Hoops

EUR€ 7.400,00

  • 18ct. Solid gold
  • 0.60ct. vvs/vs diamonds

The Dazzling Icons Petite Hoops are perfect for those seeking a delicate and stylish accessory. With their smaller size, they offer a touch of timeless elegance and effortlessness for any occasions.

Dazzling Icons is a jewelry collection inspired by the diamond tennis bracelet, which has become an iconic and classic piece of jewelry. With a focus on glamour and luxury, this collection features four timeless and exclusive pieces, three pairs of hoops, a simple ring, and the iconic bracelet. Each piece is carefully crafted with our signature attention to detail and storytelling, reflecting the DNA of Rebecca’s Universe.


To the Moon and Back is a collection inspired by the universe where all the jewelry becomes a gateway to the cosmic wonders of space and time. The collection consists of unique pieces that embody the galaxy spirals, the black holes and the eternal brilliance of diamonds. Each crafted piece in this collection tells a unique tale about the mysterious space and symbolism of the different opals, diamonds and sapphires used. Step into a world where elegance meets dazzling icons and where each piece of jewelry reflects the DNA of Rebecca’s Universe.

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