Victor Ipsen, Furniture Designer

I grew up in a home with room for creative expression and craftsmanship. My atelier and workshop is at my childhood home where the old garage is transformed into a small creative community that I share with my father and older brother who also works with design.

My creative journey started after being at an art college for a year where I explored my interest in designing furniture. I was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where I studied Architecture. I decided to drop out after two years of studying as my lack of motivation for working with architecture clashed with an opportunity to sail around the the world with my family. After spending almost a year at sea and crossing the atlantic twice I moved back to pursue my long time desire to design and create my own furniture.
The whole process of developing a small idea to an actual object or piece of furniture is something i really enjoy. I get to play around with different materials by trying to form and shape it into something interesting. I love this creative process and how things never turn out the way I visualised it in the first place. It’s a great feeling to create something that some people care about and wants to have in their home being around it every day. This commits me to keep attention to the quality of the furniture, so I put a lot of effort into developing relationships with local fabricators with great experience in their craftsmanship. Besides my passion for design, sailing and being at sea has always been a big part of me and my family
Victor is wearing his favorite pieces from the 585 Collection all handcrafted in 14ct. solid gold that also reflects what being at the sea means to him. Especially the Anchor Pendant, there is so much power to it because it symbolises safety and hope, and signifies stability and a strong foundation. Victor is wearing the Poseidon Necklace, the Anchor Pendant, the Anchor Bracelet, the Letters with Love Bracelet and Signet Rings.
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