Fiona Gambino, tailor & designer

After I graduated this summer I decided to start my own creative space, Fimariga, where I do my own designs. I get inspired by a lot of varying colors and patterns that I love to put together crosswise when I create my designs. At the moment I am sewing these shirts of up cycled fabrics and old tablecloths that I collect and find at different markets here in Denmark and abroad. I have transformed my home and room into my workshop and sewing room where most of my ideas and creations comes to life.
I do my creatives and sketches in hand but sometimes I just follow my intentions in freehand on the sewing machine when I come up with an idea. It usually goes really quickly from my first thoughts to action and till I have a design in my hands. Along the way I put a lot of attention into each design until I am satisfied. I am so lucky to be surrounded by a big family full of creative souls on a daily basis and that might be my biggest source of inspiration. The pieces of jewelry that I am wearing are my favourite pieces that I feel compliments my personality and creativity.
The selection of jewelry that Fiona is wearing are the Poseidon Necklace, the Tiger Amulet with diamonds & opal beads, the Secret Woman Earrings, the Owl Ring with diamonds & the Fine Scarab Ring with emeralds. All the pieces are available here on the website.
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