Star Cluster Ring with diamonds

EUR€ 6.634,00

  • 18ct. solid gold
  • 2.91ct. vvs/vs diamonds
  • Measurements: Gold disk 22x23mm

The phenomena “Star Cluster” is a group of stars where the individual component stars are easily resolved through a telescope. The star clusters are located on the dusty spiral arms on the plane of spiral galaxies. As the cluster rotates around the galaxy it eventually disperses due to gravitational perturbations with other objects in the galaxy. 


To the Moon and Back is a collection inspired by the universe itself; all the things that exist in all of space and time, including planets, stars and galaxies. Each one of the jewelry that I made for this collection tells a little unique story about space. By exploring this collection you will find descriptions about the symbolism of the different opals, diamonds and sapphires.

I am really fascinated by the galaxy spirals and the black holes which you will experience are reflected in the pieces that I have made for this special and spacey collection.

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