Fine Butterfly Ring

EUR€ 5.593,00

  • 18ct. Solid Gold
  • 0.67ct. vvs/vs Diamonds
  • Box, 17×17 mm

This ring came to life when my grandmother one day gave me her old ring where the stone had fallen out. I was left with just the square box with diamonds around. She and I have always had a love for small creatures so when I came up with the idea to add a different creatures into the box I knew it was a perfect match.

A butterfly symbolizes transformation and changes as it goes through a remarkable process from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It is also associated with beauty and grace, as well as with freedom, as it is able to fly and move about freely. The butterfly is seen as a symbol that represents the journey of life.


The Signature Collection is always available in the portfolio, timeless, simple but unique. The Signature Collection consists of precious letters, signs and symbols; letters of your loved ones, religious symbols, signs of hope, eternity and gender – all unique and personal to the one who carries it.

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