Sara Lysgaard, Art Collector & Investor

My love for art and colors has been a part of me since my childhood. I grew up with a father and grandmother who collected art, but it wasn’t just a love for paintings, it was a love affair with aesthetically and thought-provoking objects. They decorated their surroundings with classic design, new modern furniture, bold jewelry, colors and art in plentiful. Growing up in these carefully selected environments, has been a huge privilege that I will never take for granted.

I find inspiration everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Beautiful and crooked things I discover everywhere I go will occupy my mind for a long time. I’m slightly obsessed with light and shadow plays – they are extremely intimate and I love how they can’t exist without one another. Textures are a big thing for me as well, and I really love a good mix of textures at my house. Especially fabrics of all sorts, materials and colors that provokes and awakens my sensory vision
The best part about my work-life is my freedom and the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting and inspiring people along the way, which is a huge gift. And then on top, to be surrounded by so many aesthetically beautiful things on a daily basis is really pleasing for the soul. Being an investor and centered around the art world at the same time, is truly perfect for me. I couldn’t do one without the other.

I would say that my personality is very playful and colorful. However, I have a lot of thinking going on inside of me, at all times, which the colorful environment, my clothes, furniture, art and certainly also my jewelry express perfectly. It makes sense to me, not only to have beautiful art pieces in my house to engage with on a daily basis, but also to wear my “creativity” – so my clothes and jewelry are also extremely important to me. What you wear is an extension of your personality, in my opinion. I love how jewelry becomes a part of you with their unique storytelling and playful expressions. Not too long ago, Rebecca made me a very special and personal necklaces with symbols and writings that holds tremendous meaning for me and my life, and it was such a wonderful process
Sara is wearing her own personal pieces of jewelry and a few of her favorites picked from Rebecca’s collections. A Bespoke Necklace & the Caracola Necklace, the Nova Bracelet, the Big Fauna Ring, the Sagittarius Ring, the Caracola Erosionada Ring w. diamonds & the Wild Spirit Earrings.
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