Alero, Vice President of Global Brand at LEGO

I find inspiration through day-to-day interactions, there is always room for the unexpected to happen and to be surprised. Otherwise reading, travel and dance are where I find inspiration – all three provide a new perspective.

I came across Rebecca Elbek and her jewelry Universe in connection with my wedding that my husband and I held here in Copenhagen last summer, in 2022. Together with Rebecca, we created a common thread between the jewelry and my wedding looks spread over three days. Even my husband Brandon was wearing the coolest jewelry that complimented his look all three days. I absolutely love Rebecca’s selection of rings – they are all gorgeous statement pieces; they are highly visible and express a mood of nonchalance.
I would describe myself as highly energetic, perpetually curious about people and culture. I love to tell a good story. I have been living in Copenhagen for two years now, and I think Copenhagen is utilitarian chic – everyone looks cool, comfortable and effortless riding around on their bikes, yet everything here has a purpose. What I love the most is that everything is designed with intention – from the city planning to furniture to the playgrounds.

The best part about my work-life is that my work centers around unlocking potential through creative play. For some this happens as a child, others connect with their inner child at a later stage in life – but all of what I do reminds people of unlimited possibilities and pathways – I think that is powerful.
Alero chose her favorite pieces of jewelry that compliments her own personal style and mixed my jewelry with her own. Alero is wearing the Wild Hoops the Letters w. Love Necklace, the Big Blue Thunderbird Necklace, the Eye Necklace, To the Moon Ring, the Fine Seahorse Ring w. diamonds & a Nomad Ring
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