Cagnes Sur Mer

There is never really a bad time to visit the South of France. Some of my beloved and oldest friends has the most wonderful house in Cagnes Sur Mer where I’ve enjoyed many vacations with both family and friends in the rustic countryside cooking delicious meals together, going on a baguette and croissant running in the mornings, long walks and lots of time spent by either a pool or a beach.

Enjoy this place

La Petite Plage Saint Tropez. At this chic and cozy beach club you’ll always have your feet in the sand. The kitchen offers a fresh and modern summer kitchen with Mediterranean accents. The atmosphere at this place makes you experience the long and warm summer days & nights in Saint Tropez.


This is from a celebration for my lovely friends’ 25 years of marriage. A weekend at their place in Cagnes Sur Mer filled with love, friends, family, amazing food & sun kiss. I was personally wearing the combination of the Seashell Earrings and Take Me With You Necklace which I think was perfect for the occasion.
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