The perfect city for a weekend getaway with your best friend or loved one. Amsterdam is a vibrant and picturesque city, known for its beautiful canals, charming architecture, their many world-class museums, and tulip displays. Amsterdam is a city that never fails to impress. With its friendly locals, lively nightlife, and laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

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LOCALS Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 27-H, 1072 BC Amsterdam, Nederlandene This restaurant is a really nice and cozy spot for a brunch or you can stop by to grab your morningcoffee or sandwich at lunch. I can highly recommend their Acai Bowl, Avocado Toast and iced coffee.

LITTLE COLLINS Eerste Sweelinckstraat 19F, 1073 CL Amsterdam, Nederlandene This place has is the perfect breakfast or lunch spot with the most cozy atmosphere, friendliest staff and stunning food. I love the menu which was creative and delicious (I had the poached eggs with chili butter, cauliflower, labneh and flatbread). Little Collins also has a sister-restaurant Collins, which is a really nice and cool restaurant as well for dinner and drinks. I highly recommended this place that is also located in a nice area if you are visiting the nearby De Pijp market.


My assistant, Olga, visited Amsterdam and brought her favourite combo of rings. The Ocean Fairytale Ring together with the Nomad Ring w. three rows and a Simple Ring. The unique packaging and the jewelry bag is both a perfect and safe way for carrying your jewelry with you on travels or other trips.


Noordermarkt is a small market that you can go to every Saturday where you can buy vintage clothes, Dutch delicacies, flowers and other market stuff. It is located in a very cute area with cozy surroundings.

The Stedelijk Museum is definitely worth a visit if you run out of plans. The building is really beautiful and they have a lot of modern contemporary art.
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