The Postcards are my personal recommendations, places that I love and enjoy visiting, portraits of creative people that I admire, art and much more that are my sources of inspiration that I really want to share with you. Down below you can discover them all and read more about each one of them.


Portrait of Nell & Rasmus

We spend a day with Nell and Rasmus, just in time before their baby boy arrives, in their beautiful and playful London home all dressed in my jewelry.

workshop & showroom

Cozy afternoon at the workshop

I started the summer season off by inviting friends, family, and clients to visit my workshop to see my latest jewelry pieces and to wish each other a good summer.



Milan’s fashionable reputation also makes it a great destination for shopping and exploring the both vintage and also the latest trends in design and fashion. The city’s dynamic citylife and delicious cuisine offer a great opportunity to relax and experience the authentic Italian lifestyle, that I personally really enjoy.


Portrait of creative talent Alero

I came across Rebecca Elbek and her jewelry Universe in connection with my wedding that my husband and I held here in Copenhagen last summer, in 2022. Together with Rebecca, we created a common thread between the jewelry and my wedding looks spread over three days.


Portrait of creative talent Victor Ipsen

I grew up in a home with room for creative expression and craftsmanship. My atelier and workshop is at my childhood home where the old garage is transformed into a small creative community that I share with my father and older brother who also works with design.


Portrait of creative talent Fiona Gambino

I am so lucky to be surrounded by a big family full of creative souls on a daily basis and that might be my biggest source of inspiration. The pieces of jewelry that I am wearing are my favourite pieces that I feel compliments my personality and creativity.


Portrait of creative talent Sara Lysgaard

It makes sense to me, not only to have beautiful art pieces in my house to engage with on a daily basis, but also to wear my “creativity” – so my clothes and jewelry are also extremely important to me. What you wear is an extension of your personality, in my opinion.



Amsterdam is a vibrant and picturesque city, known for its beautiful canals, charming architecture, their many world-class museums, and tulip displays. Amsterdam is a city that never fails to impress.


South of France

There is never really a bad time to visit the South of France and I have really enjoyed many vacations with both family and friends in the rustic countryside cooking delicious meals together, going on a baguette and croissant running in the mornings, long walks and lots of time spent by either a pool or a beach.

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