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The Underwater Collection is inspired by the mockumentary “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable,” that chronicles the fictional story behind Damien Hirst’s exhibition in Venice.

The jewelleries originate from what is hidden beneath the water surface. The inspiration comes from underwater treasures and marine life such as shipwrecks, underwater ruins, beautiful coral reefs, strange marine animals, and perhaps even sunken treasures.

However, it is not only the objects and elements themselves but also the erosion and new life that starts to evolve on all of these being kept underwater for a long time.

Everything that is hidden below the surface of the water is a mystery and a source to create new pieces of art  – a new fairytale.And just as Damien Hirts fictional story, Rebecca Elbek has tried to express a world – an underwater world that does not exist for it to be found.