Lion Earrings

18ct. gold with tahiti pearls

This piece is a limited edition. The Lion Earrings are made in an edition of 5.

The Piece is engraved with the edition number.

Price: 28.500 dkk.   /  €3821


The Wild Collection is inspired by the wild; the wild animals and the wild people. It is inspired by the idea of deserting the privileged life and escaping the cultivation. It is a tribute to the wild people, the untamed animals and fauna and creatures that are untouched by human factors.But it is also a tribute to the wild side we all have within us. And the fact that some parts of our personality can’t or won’t be tamed.  The uncontrolled within us all.

The Wild Collection urges to release your inner wild and embrace the strong personality within our selves. It is expressed by the strong animal symbols and the vibrant colours in the collection.

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