Fairy Earrings

The Fairytale Collection

18ct. gold earrings with turquoise & white pearls

A one of piece.

Price for the pair:   17.500 dkk.  /  €2350

Price for a single, big: 12.500 dkk.  /  €1680

Price for a single, small:   8.200 dkk.  /  €1100



The fairytale collection is among the first collections by Rebecca Elbek. It is inspired by all kinds of tales; magic tales and wonder tales, untold stories and secret tales, the unpredictable tales and fantasy tales.

The fairytale collection is an encouragement to embrace the fairytale in everyday life. In a world full of rules and dogmas, we all need tiny cracks where the adventure and the fairytale can be found.

Every piece of jewellery work in this collection is a little magic tale it self. A unique storytelling. Small flowers, animals and entangled golden threads create an adventurous universe in this collection. A tribute to embrace life as the fairytale it is.

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