The pieces of jewellery can be viewed as products or collections. Are you looking for a bracelet, earrings, ring or a necklace? Explore the category of products that fits your wish. Are you searching for a mood, a feeling, a style? Then explore Rebecca Elbek’s different collections.

Each collection has its own story and each piece of jewellery represents its own fairytale. Going through the pieces and collections, one will discover the unpolished and unspoiled world of Rebecca Elbek. It is a raw world where materials are seen in their original form. Here you will meet uncut diamonds and other gems as well as gold in raw and unpolished surfaces.

Central to Rebecca Elbek’s philosophy is the individual treatment of all jewels and she gives much attention to the storytelling within all the unique works she makes. In each jewellery lives the poetry, the music, the painting and the modelling. They each tell a story. A story of art, a feeling, a state, an experience. Go explore these stories, add your own, fall in love with a piece, show it to a loved one or keep it to yourself. The products and collections can also be viewed as inspiration. Inspiration for a unique and commissioned work that you can create in collaboration with Rebecca Elbek, for you to carry and create your own story.